Breed Standard

Exhibition standard requires cat of good stature, strong, sturdy and muscular, with long torso and legs. The head should be shaped to the shape of equilateral triangle, with long, straight profile and strong chin. Ears should be tall, wide at the base, arched forward, adorned with characteristic lynx tufts and long hair inside the ears. Eyes should be large, almond shaped, set obliquely with alert expression. All eye colors are permitted regardless of coat color. Norwegian Forest cat coat should have dense, woolly undercoat covered by a smooth, water repellant upper coat consisting of semi-long, coarse and glossy hair covering the back and the sides. In the winter fully coated cat has a full ruff and britches (long hairs on the back of hind limbs). All colors of all divisions of the traditional category are recognized including all colors with white. Any amount of white is allowed anywhere on the cat. Chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn are not allowed. Amber and light amber colored or more likely tinted fur coat is unique to Norwegian Forest cats from Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.