About cattery

Quite a few domestic cats lived in our household. The first was a tri-color cat Patch, she gave birth to four beautiful kittens. Unfortunately, she was ran over by a car. We still have one of her kittens - like her mom she is tri-color cat called Princess. Another of our cat residents was tomcat Ferda - tigrine tabby. Our next cat was Mína. She was probably British Blue, someone threw her out in the winter. She had a terrible cold and it took us several months to cure her. Ferda was poisoned by someone and Mina got lost. Like her mom, Princess also had an accident with a car. Fortunately she recovered. In addition to cats we have had many hamsters, guinea pigs and a number of aquarium fishes.

Even at the beginning of the september 2007, we would never guess, we might ever be interested in purebred cats and their breeding. Although we had some knowledge about the topic, those was really negligible. One day, we saw an ad in the newspaper advertising the Norwegian Forest cat without PP. We have no information about this breed, so we began to search the Internet, to find out how this bread looks. We were completely enchanted. Within a few days, we found some web page and there SHE was - love at first sight. So it was decided.

As you might already guess, our small kennel is focused on breeding Norwegian Forest cats. We have one cat and one breeding tomcat. Pussycat's name is Diana NFO Moravia.cz and she comes from the now defunct kennel owned by Mr. Vladimir Belohoubek from Olomouc. We got her 27. 10. 2007. Tomcat's name is Grimaldi av Soleberge and we brought him on 6. 12. 2008 from the kennel of Mrs. Andrea Bartsch of Chemnitz in Germany. Given that the kennel is organized in the WACC, the first he had to be accepted into FIFE. It happend in the 31. 1. 2009 in Pilsen.